2019 Ford Explorer Vs Chevy Traverse

We know that as you get out into the car buying world, and try the right SUV, you will come across many options. That means that making the right choice can be a tough job. With that in mind, we picked two of the best on the market right now and ran a head to head comparison to give you a little edge when it comes to choosing your new vehicle. 

Two iconic brands that are a part of the fabric of the American society are Ford and Chevrolet. Both of these car makers have come out with dozens of models. With each model that comes out, one brand tries to outdo the other, and that provides us with some of the most advanced, well-designed SUVs on the market.

2019 Ford Explorer

We will talk about two upcoming releases in 2019: The Ford Explorer and Chevy Traverse. Both Explorer and Traverse are iconic in their own way. There's a lot for each to live up to with their 2019 releases. 

2019 Chevy Traverse

The Inside

Ford Explorer

The inside of a 2019 Explorer is not exactly very clear but going by some inside reports there are reasons to believe that it will be a continuation of the previous models. But there are some new additions which are worth having a closer look. The seating surfaces are made from cloth and they are expected to be cozy. Yes, we also are quite certain that it will have three seating rows.

The second row is likely to have 60 to 40 split and fold-flat seating arrangements. The third row is likely to have a 50 to 50 split-fold bench seat. But it may have to be manually operated. The seating arrangement should be able to accommodate around 7 people apart from the person on the wheels.

In short, it would not be out of place to mention here that the Ford Explorer has carefully avoided the busy interior looks often associated with many earlier models. It might come with an 8.0-inch touchscreen which integrates it well with the surroundings inside. The capacitive switches which were used in the past, we believe will go away.

Chevy Traverse

As is the case with earlier models of Chevy Traverse we believe that it will come in two color combinations. There are reasons to believe that the seats and the interiors could be in two different colors, gray leather, and two-tone brown. This certainly adds quite a bit of sophistication to the interiors. It is made to comfortably fit seven average-sized persons, excluding the person at the wheels. 

Unlike most three row SUVs, we strongly believe that the third row will also provide enough leg space and room to sit comfortably. It is built to haul luggage because of the 23.0 cubic feet cargo space. It also has a small extra space for luggage should all three row be completely occupied.

The Outside

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer we believe will come in two different colors, ingot silver and blue. It will feature some exotic things like LED low beam headlights which will turn on automatically. The LED tail lamps are quite good looking and powerful. The rear and front bumpers have been aesthetically built. 

The exhaust tips come with a dual chrome finish and they indeed must look very attractive. The windshield glass will most probably be of acoustic laminate finish. It also comes with privacy glass for the second and third rows.

Exteriors Of Chevy Traverse

The exterior design still retains the conventional touch and when compared to the interior it might look a bit out of touch. It, however, comes with a larger dimension but the overall weight has been lessened to some extent. The trims have been increased and perhaps might lead to more usage of steel. The rear lights, the headlights, indicators will basically be the same when compared to the 2018 model. 

Overall it comes with a durable persona and an intense style. The front end comes with generous hexagonal grille and the light fittings also have more well defined stainless steel specifics. With all these additional steel it is surprising that the Chevy Traverse weighs around 350 kilograms less when compared to the earlier version.

The Engine & Other Specifications

Ford Explorer

The base curb weight is expected to be around 4458 lbs and it may have a passenger carrying capacity of seven (excluding the person driving). The fuel capacity is 18.6 U.S Gallons. It will most probably have a 3.5-liter independent variable camshaft and a 2.3l turbocharged direct injection type of engine. It will have an HP ranging from 290 to 365 and the city mileage is expected to be around 16 to 19 miles which could go up to 27 in highways.

Chevy Traverse

The imminent arrival of the 2020 Chevy Traverse most certainly creates quite a bit of interest as far as the engine and other allied specifications are concerned. It has a 3.5-liter V6 engine. It effortlessly must be able to generate 350 hp and a 266 lb per feet of torque. 

The motor sets will certainly have 9-speed auto gearbox. It will be able to easily cruise at amazing speeds in excess of 140 miles across highways and lap up distances. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned you can expect to get around 17 miles in city driving conditions. 

On the highways, the mileage will certainly touch around 25 miles per gallon. When you have a mix of city and highway traffic, the Chevy Traverse should give you around 20 miles per gallon. This is in line with most other SUVs of this types including Ford Explorer.

The Price

2019 Ford Explorer

Now let us try and have a look at the main aspect of the Ford Explorer. Yes, we are talking about the price. While it is still early days, the grapevine and rumor machine is fully at work It is believed that the price of the base model should be around $32, 400 USD. It will be available on EMI's which should come for around $645 a month.

2019 Chevy Traverse

The price of Chevy Traverse is still not very clear but it is expected to be almost on the same lines as that of Ford Explorer. It should come with a price tag of around $33,300 and when you opt for EMI it should be around $650 per month which we believe will be in line with market expectations.


There is no doubt that both Explorer of Ford and Chevrolet Traverse have their unique differences and similarities, we'll find out which one is the best of the best when they hit the market later this year.


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